kb-network    News 12 May 2016

BLANCO introduce the ANDANO XL 6 S-IF stainless steel sink with impressive sink depth

BLANCO’s ANDANO XL 6 S-IF stainless sink will cut a dash in a wide variety of kitchen designs.

Its generous 210mm depth bowl can be covered with a draining board to maximise the surface area, while other characteristic features of the ANDANO XL 6 S-IF such as the integrated tap ledge and a subtly-grooved drainer are both practical and high in consumer appeal as are its multi-function tray and the optional glass cutting board.

The sink can be placed in front of a window as the tap ledge is fitted on the side and the flat IF-rim means that, as well as conventional lay-on installation, flushmount integration in the worktop is equally possible.