kb-network    News 05 Dec 2017

Binopolis gets festive in the home this Christmas with its range of colourful bins

Available in a selection of colours, Binopolis’ freestanding bin range provides a practical and versatile addition to any kitchen.

The Golden Beach New Icon pedal bin is a real space saver with its 30-litre capacity. It is available in a variety of colours, including Moss Green – which adds an alternative festive feel, seamlessly sitting alongside the Christmas tree. The Golden Beach Bo Touch bin is one of the latest additions to Binopolis’ portfolio. It is designed to look like a cabinet with legs and features adjustable non-skid feet. It comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, including the Christmassy Windsor Red.

Jane Pollard, Co-Director at Binopolis, said: “One of the most used items in your kitchen, bins are put through their paces at Christmas time when we generate more waste and recycling than ever. However, our beautiful, colourful, freestanding models are available for you to incorporate your bin into your festive colour scheme and combine practicality with a stunning design that you can enjoy all year round.”

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