kb-network    News 22 Apr 2016

Bette showcases their award-winning bathroom collection BetteLux Shape at Salone del Mobile

The BetteLux Shape, an award-winning range of baths, washbasins and accessories were on show at Salone del Mobile.

BetteLux Shape takes its inspiration from ‘inside/outside’ constructions in modern architecture and places the soft and flowing shape of the BetteLux bath and washbasin in an open steel frame. The baths and washbasins are enamelled on both the inside and the outside, in either white or black, allowing the eye to focus on the shape, which is visible from all sides and is accentuated with a choice of colours in the steel frame.

The range, which has already won six awards, also includes complementary furniture and accessories. This is the first time that an enamelled steel bath has been presented in this way, and Bette’s steel/enamel allows this type of construction because, despite its fineness, it is very strong and stable.

Bette has also developed a furnishing concept around the BetteLux Shape, with washbasins and useful accessories also embracing the frame idea, allowing a coherent and uniform bathroom design. In addition to a framed bath and washbasin, the range includes a standing mirror, a stool (which can also be used as a side table) and a wall-mounted towel holder to which various shelves can be added.