kb-network    News 21 Nov 2016

Bathroom Solution Specialist GROHE receives a surprise client at their UK Press Office

Bathroom solutions specialists GROHE received an unusual endorsement recently when a young owl made a surprise visit to the company’s UK press office and took up residence – albeit briefly – in one of the staff shower rooms and promptly roosted on the GROHE Euphoria Cube Shower installed there.

To say the visit was unexpected is something of an understatement. One member of the team was so shocked by the owl’s visit that he locked himself in a storage cupboard and asked other team members to provide him with a running commentary as to whether the owl was on the wing or left back in the shower room.

Clearly impressed by the GROHE shower, the owl eventually left the shower room via a hastily opened window, having decided that the efficiency of the shower system made it too wet to woo.