kb-network    News 21 Mar 2018

Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) new study will reveal UK’s hidden bathroom habits

The BMA project, which is designed to provide valuable insight into water usage and bathroom habits, will be carried out in two parts: a seven-day diary study with a sample of 50 homeowners and a questionnaire that will be completed by a 500-strong sample.

BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill said, “This is the first time any organisation from our industry has questioned the consumer in so much detail about their bathrooms and how they use bathroom products.”

The live diary project is an interactive study that will provide insights into people’s daily bathroom routines, how much water they use and an understanding of how bathroom products are used in a home environment. During the study communication between researcher and respondents will be two-way and in real-time, allowing for detailed analysis of behaviours.

The questionnaire will evaluate customer satisfaction levels after they have purchased a new bathroom and will record awareness levels of water regulations and legal compliance whilst making their purchases.

“The results of the research will be made available to all BMA members and aid the BMA to talk with clarity and credibility when working with the government and other organisations on water issues,” concluded Yvonne Orgill.

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