kb-network    News 12 Apr 2018

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association announces new focus for 2018 AGM meeting: plastic waste

On 20th June, this year’s AGM event, at Hogarths Stone Manor Hotel, Kidderminster, the focus will be on reducing plastic waste within the bathroom industry. As in previous years, the morning is dedicated to updating members on the main topics that have a direct impact on their business – this year that topic is plastic.

“This is a huge topic for our industry,” said BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill. “One that impacts on all manufacturers because of the amount of packaging and protective materials their products require. With predictions that the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans is set to treble in a decade unless action is taken to deal with the problem, this is a challenge we all need to rise to.”

Alongside the presentation on plastic waste, members will have an exclusive preview of a new industry bathroom package and will also be the first to hear the enlightening results of the association’s recent consumer research, while receiving free access to the full report on this, too.

“Our AGM presentations are only open to members but we will be inviting a small number of potential members to join us and see first-hand the value of the insights and essential knowledge that is provided,” added Orgill.

The AGM meeting and open sessions that follow the morning presentations are open to affiliate members. Additionally, members of the board of the BMA will be elected at the AGM, and the afternoon sessions will include an overview and report of the association’s activities and campaigns during the year.

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