Designer    News 30 Apr 2014

Bathroom designer Philippe Starck teams up with Axor to unveil new transparent bathroom design

Hansgrohe’s designer brand Axor unveiled its latest Philippe Starck-designed washbasin mixer with an innovative transparent form that utilises a water vortex to deliver the flow in a highly unusual way.

Launched at the company’s flagship Duriniquindici store in Milan, Axor Starck V features a clear glass spout which enables the user to see the swirling water rise to the top and flow into the basin.

Philippe Grohe, Head of the Axor brand, explains that the design touches on a principle of water that had been a long-standing fascination. “The vortex phenomenon has occupied my father Klaus Grohe for several years. His intuition that water could visibly be brought to the foreground through the vortex was the starting point in the development of Axor Starck V.”

He adds that long-term Axor collaborator Starck proved a valuable sparring partner in the development process but he says: “Ultimately, the realisation of the project was not made possible by creativity and determination alone, but by technical know-how and over 100 years of experience in handling water.”

The open spout has been designed in crystal glass to allow the upward motion of the water through the body of the mixer to be seen by the user, before being delivered into the washbasin in a free flow.

The mixer has a flow rate of four litres per minute and the glass top section can be rotated, removed and cleaned in a dishwasher.

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