kb-network    News 25 Oct 2016

Bath or Shower?: New survey by Leadership Factor reveals what the UK prefers in their bathrooms

According to a survey of 1009 UK-based respondents by the Leadership Factor on behalf of bathroom specialists Hugo Oliver over half of Brits (58%) prefer baths to showers.

This seems to fly in the face of the general opinion of showers replacing baths in the UK households, but may explain why so many people opt for a shower over a bath so that consumers can have the best of both worlds.

Hugo Oliver surveyed just over 1000 people and found that over half (58%) of Brits prefer baths to showers, with 30% having between three and five soaks a week.

Despite the hectic, non-stop schedules of the modern world, it seems that 36% of Brits manage to find the time to spend 30 minutes or more in the bath per session, while the highest proportion of shower-takers (31%) spend only 10 minutes in the shower.
The research also revealed that us Brits get up to an array of past times in the bath and shower. Only half of us (49%) have a bath for the relaxing experience, while others put listening to their favourite music (26%) and thinking about work (17%) at the top of their agenda.


The top ten activities, other than washing, which Brits do in the bath/shower are:

  1. Relax (49%)
  2. Contemplate life (31%)
  3. Listen to music (26%)
  4. Groom yourself (25%)
  5. Think about work (17%)
  6. Think about relationships (17%)
  7. Plan ahead for things (15%)
  8. Sing (14%)
  9. Read (14%)
  10. Talk to yourself (12%)

In Belfast, 10% of respondents said they drink alcohol in the bath or shower, in Cardiff 14% text people and 9% of people in Leeds like to watch a film or tv show while in the bath or shower.
Nancy Straughan, Interior Designer at Hugo Oliver, said: “Taking time for yourself is really important and having a relaxing bath or shower is a good opportunity for us to do just that.
“It’s essential we can create the perfect environment in our bathrooms for relaxation and this can be easily done by incorporating a couple of items like scented candles, the perfect amount of natural light, the ideal water temperature, our favourite products and some relaxing music.”