kb-network    News 18 Jan 2017

BA Components updates its online ordering platform complete with state-of-the-art ordering system

Kitchen components specialists BA Components are no strangers to the world of on-line ordering, it has been providing internet-based business aids with BA Live since 2004.

However, January 2017 has seen this tried-and-tested platform completely updated with My BA. This state-of-the-art ordering system encompasses the latest online technology and has been two years in the development stage prior to its launch.

BA Components has always prided itself in being an industry innovator, constantly researching and bringing its dealer network the best possible product and customer care.

The launch of the new online ordering platform My BA showcases the commitment BA Components has to the growth of the business and its dealer network.

The new platform will give its dealers:


  • Easy ordering across any device; mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Tracks orders through the production process
  • Personalised dashboard to suit individual dealer requirements
  • The option to manage your BA account at your leisure


David Caulfield sales & marketing director said, “We are extremely excited and proud of My BA. We’ve spent a huge amount of time, effort and money to ensure we were able to offer a total on-line ordering and account management system to our dealers.

“BA Live has led the way in our market area for over 12 years from its first launch in 2004. Even though we’ve upgraded a few time times in the intervening period, we felt real improvement along with advanced efficiency and usability demanded a completely new platform.

“Starting from scratch, our IT team built MyBA from the ground up, then running it alongside BA Live and having it tested by a selection of dealers for fine-tuning, until we were all happy we had a robust, state-of-the-art system that makes life easier for every registered BA Dealer.

“yBA is fast, friendly, innovative, efficient and so easy to use that BA dealers are now going to have time on their hands. I believe it truly is the BA jewel in the crown for 2017.”


BA Components / byba.co.uk/dealers