Designer    News 18 Apr 2017

BA Components embraces the digital age, by conducting inspiring talks at several schools

The digital sphere is changing every aspect of how we live and work. But in a world where technology is constantly advancing, it can be hard for schools to keep up to date. So kitchen and bathroom manufacturer, BA Components has stepped in to help out.

Clara Maybin who manages BA Components digital marketing told us how she helps schools to learn about digital marketing and technology in the design industry.

“Technology has come a long way, even since I left school. This is why I offer my services to schools showcasing how BA Components use digital marketing within their business. Initially this was just for an idea local schools in the area where I live however with the technology available, I am able to do live conference calls with schools anywhere. The first of which I successfully executed with St. Mary’s High School in Hertfordshire, North London.  I spoke with the head of ICT prior to the live stream and discussed the student’s coursework requirements and designed my presentation around these needs.”

Mrs. Lyttle of St. Mary’s High School commented: “In sharing her knowledge, Clara has enabled our students to discover the practical side of digital marketing and not just the theory. They got to see first hand how BA Components utilise digital marketing tactics within their business, meaning the students were able to portray these strategies into their coursework.”

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