kb-network    News 12 Jun 2017

ArtiCAD Pro provides yet another success story at Stag Kitchens & Interiors…

Jason Bretherton from Stag Kitchens & Interiors has spoken to ArtiCAD about the company’s successful Level 2 training programme, stating he has “got off to a flying start”.

Helping the brand work in partnership with a local building company based in Warrington, Jason Bretherton from Stag Kitchens bought ArtiCAD-Pro immediately after starting the business, stating it was “an essential component” of his new enterprise.

Jason recently completed level 2 training at ArtiCAD’s headquarters in Watford. Commenting on his experience there, he remarked “I found this hugely beneficial. Firstly, it was very informal and relaxed, and it was not over-loaded with too much information. The time-saving tips which were suggested during the course are particularly valuable.”

ArtiCAD provided further comment, stating “The software is enabling Jason to show in great detail how proposed new extensions will look, including wedged ceilings with Velux windows, exposed brick walls and tiling features.”

“Jason has recently signed up for ArtiCAD’s Premium Support, and although it is still very early days, he is confident that it will be an excellent investment for his company.”

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