kb-network    News 06 Sep 2017

ArtiCAD Limited, announces major project update to Marpatt graphics entire catalogue

Leading KBB CAD software specialist and technology innovator, ArtiCAD Limited, has announced that a major project to update the entire graphics catalogue for Marpatt has been completed.

Designers using the ArtiCAD-Pro software now have access to all Marpatt’s range of wooden kitchen and bedroom doors, components and accessories, in an entirely new format, making it easier to include the highest quality images of the selected products into new room designs.

Mark Koeberle, a director of the family-run and owned Marpatt says, “What a difference this project has made.  Many of our customers use the ArtiCAD-Pro software and it is really important to us that they have access to the most up to date images.  The new method of rendering in the latest version of the ArtiCAD software means that the representation of our products is even more accurate and exciting. Painted kitchens are very popular, and it is easy to see colours, textures and finishes with ArtiCAD-Pro.  When designers are able to present customers with such realistic images of the proposed kitchen, it makes the decision process much more fluid and customers can be sure that they are getting what they really want.”

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