kb-network    News 13 Jun 2017

ArtiCAD introduces a brand new graphics catalogue for Cosentino’s surface brands

Leading CAD software specialist and technology innovator, ArtiCAD, has announced that a new catalogue of graphics for Cosentino’s associated brands is now available.

Set to include surfaces from Silestone Quartz, Dekton Ultra-Compact, and Sensa Protected Granite, the new technology will be available as a comprehensive ArtiCAD-Pro graphics catalogue.

Commenting on the launch, ArtiCAD stated “Designers using ArtiCAD-Pro and wishing to incorporate Cosentino’s innovative and stylish surfaces within their designs will simply be able to search the graphics catalogue, select the items and finishes they require, and then insert them into their new room design.”

Theresa Turner, director of ArtiCAD, stated “The Cosentino brands are known for their technological innovation and stylish designs. We are delighted to add these ranges to our portfolio of graphics catalogues, ensuring that designers have quick and easy access to these striking products.”

ArtiCAD | articad.com