kb-network    News 12 Dec 2017

ArtiCAD announce Caesarstone has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

The first result of this new relationship between the ArtiCAD and Caesarstone is the availability of the entire Caesarstone UK range of colours and finishes for designers using the ArtiCAD-Pro software.

Speaking of the partnership, Jonathan Stanley, VP Marketing at Caesarstone UK, said: “We decided very quickly after visiting the ArtiCAD offices that the Partnership offered a unique opportunity for us to deliver a new and exciting service to our customers.  We want to simplify the consumer experience and with the very high-quality models of our catalogue incorporated into the ArtiCAD software, we know that Caesarstone customers will be able to generate beautiful rooms that showcase the quality and infinite possibilities of quartz. In addition, we recognise that the marketing opportunities within the partnership go far beyond the initial catalogue creation, and we are excited about the potential for this collaboration. It is very important for us to make sure that CAD models of our products are quickly and easily available for our clients to use on a daily basis.  We want to offer tools that make our clients’ professional lives easier and allow them to concentrate on the most profitable aspects of their business.  For Caesarstone, including our products within ArtiCAD-Pro is a big and important step.”

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