Designer    News 02 May 2017

The art of sous vide succulence – a look at Siemens’ sous vide studioLine oven

Previewed at Siemens studioLine launch this week, the studioLine compact combi ovens with sous vide operation can help turn amateurs to Michelin star master chefs. The combination of technology – partnering Siemens’ vacuum drawer with the company’s sous vide oven technology – equates in truly tender and delicious meals.

Moving from vacuum packing perhaps a fillet of fish, with a simple marinade – a process which helps infuse the food with the marinade – to put this within the sous vide oven, which will cook the food using steam; all that is required then is flash frying within a hot pan, to add the desired colour. Sous vide technology promises a healthier, more flavoursome cooking alternative to the average oven.

Some of Siemens new combination ovens also include activeClean, which will truly revolutionise the homeowner’s kitchen activity. This technology allows for an instant effortless oven clean; starting by locking the oven door, the interior of the oven heats to an incredible temperature, which turns any dirt and built-up food into a fine ash, to then be extracted from the oven – negating the need for any hard work from the homeowner.

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