kb-network    News 19 Apr 2016

Arclinea collaborate with Antonia Citterio to form new rough and innovative project ‘Principia’

Principia, a new project by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea, combines a grained wood in a rough finish with Steelia, stainless steel in a range of innovative colours combined with PVD.

Steelia by Arclinea, marks the reappearance of steel as one of the archetypal materials of the Arclinea style, due to its durability, functionality and hygiene. Here it is used in an, original way in black, bronze and champagne finishes.

The endurance of Steelia combines with the beauty of natural wood and stone, offering unique and extraordinary combinations. Principia has on the one hand natural materials, innovative production technologies and artisan details. On the other hand, with the evolution of work zones, the new units, larders and dedicated storage units are then developed internally to become true work zones.

“My approach to the kitchen project has always been to work on a type, on a vision of how the kitchen should be from emotional and practical points of view,” said Antonio Citterio. “Every project comes to life as an emotional rather than formal factor, instrumental rather than functional.

“Out of principle, I have always worked more on the function that becomes tool than on a mere functional concept, because a kitchen project must consider a whole series of linked factors, starting with how we use it, how we move inside it, how we relate to it”.


(One of five reviews by the Pro Publishing team of products seen at Eurocucina 2016. Arclinea’s Principia kitchen was selected by Martin Allen-Smith – editor of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom.)