kb-network    News 30 Mar 2017

Appliance specialist Hotpoint teams up with EQ Software for new electronic portfolio

Household brand ‘Hotpoint’ have joined forces with EQ Software in a quest to create a fully electronic kitchen appliance product portfolio.

Available to EQ’s strong database of 6,000 users, the portfolio will include products such as the Hotpoint Class 9 built-in collection of cooking appliances, boasting a modern state-of-the-art aesthetic complete with clean lines and refined appearance.

Billed as the market leader in KBB business management software, EQ Software is now used by one in three KBB retailers. Indeed, features such as their accurately priced catalogue data and expansive KBB supplier data certainly make for an attractive online business partner.

Speaking on behalf of Hotpoint, senior brand manager Jennifer Taylor commented “EQ Software is a great asset and provides additional support for retailers. EQ Software makes it easier for retailers to provide accurate quotations and generate orders quickly, including product images and specifications, helping them to run their businesses more profitably and efficiently.”

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