kb-network    News 03 May 2017

Appliance specialist, BORA, tells kb-eye its Cooking Revolution caused “A tremendous buzz”

Kitchen appliance specialist, BORA, is celebrating the success of its recent BORA Cooking Revolution event.

Held in partnership with Haus12 Interiors, the event took place on 22 April 2017 at the kitchen specialist’s Newcastle showroom.

BORA’s home economist Deirdre Taylor was on hand throughout the event, conducting exciting demonstrations on how to get the best out of the new BORA Cooking System; from bacon sandwiches and mushroom burgers, to steak and spicy quinoa, guests were invited to get hands on and experience the new cooking hob for themselves!

Commenting on the day’s success, Deridre remarked “Demonstrating on the Bora induction cooktop extraction created a tremendous buzz and the food was enjoyed by everyone.

Andy Cummings, sales manager for BORA UK & Ireland, also commented “We were delighted to support Haus12 in their beautiful new showroom during the BORA Live-Cook event. There is no better way to show the magic of BORA cooktop extraction than to cook!”

Finally, John McNeil from Haus12 interiors added “Deirdre Taylor and Andy Cummings from BORA were fantastic on the day both cooking wonderful delicious dishes and demonstrating the benefits of the BORA cooktop.

“Many of our clients commented on how impressed they were with the extraction system, some of which have already placed orders and were extremely pleased to see it how well it works.”


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