kb-network    News 17 Nov 2016

Appliance manufacturer Gorenje partners with Flixmedia to offer content service to retailers

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Gorenje is partnering with innovative shopper experience service Flixmedia to provide retailers with engaging content to optimise sales.

The partnership will allow Flixmedia to provide Gorenje suppliers with standardised content including videos, images and product specifications. Retailers can then use these forms of media on their website and in-store to provide the consumer with consistent, detailed information across different retail platforms.

Stuart Benson, sales director at Gorenje UK said: “By subscribing to Flixmedia we are ensuring retailers have access to high-quality Gorenje content that can help consumers understand impressive appliance features. Providing detailed, informative video and images at this stage of the buying process can make a real, measurable difference to end sales.

“Research shows that the customer journey can often involve both online and in-store research before the final purchase. Therefore, it is vital that both platforms are consistent and receive equal attention.”

The Flixmedia service, which is free of charge to Gorenje retailers when they sign up, helps partners to engage shoppers and optimise sales conversions by providing rich content along the buyer journey.

Founded in 2005, Flixmedia has offices in the UK, USA and India serving 68 countries for their global retail and brand partners. For over a decade, Flixmedia has been trusted by over 100 of the world’s biggest brands and 1,200 of the world’s biggest retailers. With over 1.6 billion shoppers browsing across the Flixmedia Global Retail Network every year, their global shopper coverage is unrivalled.

“At Gorenje we are constantly looking for ways to provide our customers with added value services and this partnership is the perfect platform for this”, added Stuart. “Retailers are already optimising their websites using our Flixmedia library of attractive lifestyle shots and product videos.”