kb-network    News 29 Mar 2016

Amica gain an A-rated approval for three of their freestanding washer dryers

Three new freestanding washer dryers from Amica offer an A-rated 30 minute wash and dry solution to what was the wettest winter on record.

Available in a choice of three wash-load sizes; 9kg or 8kg (both dry a 6kg load) or the smaller 7kg option (dries 5kg load) the three new machines share features such as; Extra Rinse, Pre-Wash and an Anti-Allergic Rinse from a choice of 21 (9kg) or 15 (7kg and 8Kg) washing programmes.

Common drying functions include; Cupboard Dry or Iron Dry settings along with a timed 30 Minute dry, a Pause feature, Auto-Sensor and a Start Delay/Finish Time option along with a quiet 58 Db noise level whilst washing.

Additional features on the largest 9kg (6kg dry) (AWDI914GJ) include; a maximum 1400 rpm spin speed, an Easy Ironing wash setting, Real-Time Clock setting, door Lock Indicator and a useful audible Programme-End alert.

Simon Freear, country manager for Amica in the UK and Ireland said: “Two of the three washer dryers are designed be able to wash and dry a 6kg load without interruption in just 30 minutes. There is no need to stop and partially empty the drum. A 6kg wash and dry load is a large load and offers real time and labour saving benefits for busy households.”

Pictured here is the Amica AWD1712S washer dryer – one of three new models to join its line-up of built-in and freestanding appliances.