kb-network    News 15 Apr 2016

AEG says using their new F67622VioP will save you over 2000 litres of water per year

Save over 2000 litres of water per year on dishwashing says AEG by using its new F67622Vi0P built-in dishwasher.

According to AEG, its new ProClean dishwasher with WaterSave technology provides superior cleaning results, whilst using around half the water consumption of standard dishwasher models. The WaterSave technology stores water from the final rinse to reuse it in the next cycle to pre-wash the dishes, reducing water consumption by almost 50%. (49.4% lower water consumption per place setting compared with all dishwashing models sold in Europe during 2013.)

Through using the AEG ProClean with WaterSave dishwasher a user can save 2,100 litres, of water in a year – the equivalent of 12 baths full of water. The dishwasher is rated A++ energy class so it shouldn’t run away with the electricity bill either.

Andrew Wasdell, AEG’s Dishcare product manager, said: ”It is no secret that ecological concerns are increasingly becoming more important to consumers, and we are delighted to be able to offer WaterSave technology on our dishwashers to meet this need. At AEG, we constantly search for innovative ways to deliver superior cleaning results, no matter the dish load, and we are pleased to be able to enrich our ProClean dishwashers with a sustainable option”.

As well as featuring WaterSave technology, the newly upgraded model is very hygienic, delivering a 99.99% bacteria-free result at the touch of a button. Users can choose to select the Sanitise option, which cleans the tub and the water tank, and the tank is also conditioned after every 6 cycles.

The new model has a 13 place setting capacity and features five spray levels and a satellite spray arm to maximise water coverage. A dedicated glassware package will take care of precious glasses. AEG’s SoftGrips and patented SoftSpikes ensure glasses are held securely in place throughout the cycle.

The AEG F67622Vi0P ProClean built-in dishwasher is expected to retail from around £579 and will be available in the UK from July 2016