kb-network    News 07 Aug 2017

AEG notice phenomenal increase in sales of steam ovens over the past three years.

With the likes of The Great British Bake Off and other cooking shows inspiring the British public to cook and bake from scratch, AEG have noticed a phenomenal increase in the sales of steam ovens over the past three years.

In AEG’s product selection of Mastery Range steam ovens, steam is added to traditional heat to deliver a crisp golden outside and juicy succulent inside.

AEG’s steam ovens offer three levels of steam that are suitable for cooking many favourited dishes, AEG state that there is a steam oven that is right for everyone.

AEG’s three steam ovens range from the SteamPro, which when using the SousVide method vacuumed packed food that is gently steamed at a very low temperature can result in outstanding food texture every time. The Steam Boost, with technology that ensures the right amount of steam locks in the natural moisture to deliver juicy and succulent dishes and lastly the Steam Crisp, combines steam and traditional heat which is ideal for roasting and baking.

Speaking about the exciting trend of steam ovens, George, Head of Marketing at Electrolux says “Steam ovens remain a hot trend in the market, as more and more people start to understand the benefits they provide when cooking and baking compared to traditional ovens. Steam cooking helps preserve nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as preventing food from drying out and ensuring food cooks more evenly from the surface to the core. Within our new Mastery Range, we have ovens that cover all your options on steam, from the basics all the way up to sous vide. As people become more willing to experiment with their cooking and baking at home, steam ovens provide an uncomplicated and really effective way of taking their skills to the next level and ensuring meals are packed with maximum flavour.”

Electrolux | electrolux.co.uk