kb-network    News 10 Jul 2017

Abode MD Darren Holliday reaches new heights with charitable climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro  

Managing Director of tap design and manufacturing company Abode, Darren Holliday strove to new heights with a daring climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Hartlepool Families First charity. The charity works to enable disabled children to enjoy life to the full, and was specially chosen by Darren Holliday to celebrate the memory of George Wall. Wall, a healthy 19 year old son of one of Holliday’s close friends, worked for the charity, but tragically passed away due to Sudden Death Syndrome.

A team of 38 porters, guides, medics and cooks trekked for 4-8 hours every day to reach the incredible summit at 6.05am On Thursday 29th June, trekking in -17º conditions. The event has so far raised a huge £25,000 through the work of Darren Holliday and his two friends.

Having successfully reached the peak, Holliday commented: A dream come true!  We made it to the 5895m high summit of Mount Kilimanjaro after a final night climb of 1295m in freezing temperatures. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most worthwhile”.

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