Designer    News 21 Apr 2017

Abimis takes restaurants to the runway at this year’s Milan Design Week

Recently, gastronomy has hit home kitchens with a bang. In light of the current trend for wellbeing, clean eating and ultra-health diets – made popular by the modern day ‘Insta-famous’ – homeowners are wanting kitchens that can reflect the professional standard of cooking they aim toward. Hence, stainless steel is set to be an up and coming trend in the kitchen sector.

Running straight to the metaphorical runway with this idea, Abimis, in partnership with architect Alberto Torsello, has developed the custom-made Ego kitchen model composed entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, which was launched at this year’s Milan Design Week. The square silhouette of the island – akin to those seen within professional restaurant kitchens – was softened by the integration of bevelled doors, a hand polished finish and rounded handles. These subtle touches ensure the design is suited to residential properties, that must balance functionality with an essence of homeliness.

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