Designer    News 20 Oct 2017

Abacus commissioned by DaleSauna to manufacture key components of a spa, from its Elements range

The spa, in the heart of the city of Bath, has recently created a wellness suite that offers a range of state-of-the-art spa facilities which include Roman and Georgian steam rooms, experience showers and a celestial relaxation room.

Within the Roman-inspired steam room, the traditional style seating, which included integral lighting, was supplied by Abacus from its Elements range before being clad in limestone. Similarly, in the Georgian steam room, Elements was used to form throne seats together with arched wall pieces to accommodate faux arch window sections. These items were variously finished in Corian, porcelain tiles and a hand-applied cement based coating. To accommodate these, the substrate had to be considerably stronger and smoother than is standard for porcelain or glass tiling so Abacus worked closely with DaleSauna to achieve the desired result. To help create the dream-like environment of the celestial relaxation room, Abacus supplied five Elements relaxation loungers, complete with electric heat mats, ready to receive glass mosaic tiles. Elements products were also employed within the experience shower area to create architectural columns. Although non-load-bearing, the columns had to be self-supporting and robust enough to withstand any accidental trauma from users so Abacus worked closely with DaleSauna to design a central cavity within each column to accept a steel bar. The experience showers were also supplied by Abacus. These included four Abacus Temptation built-in overhead shower heads, two sets of six Emotion body jets and three chromotherapy Temptation shower heads that provide a combination of water and colour therapy.

Lynn Russell-Hanson, interior designer at DaleSauna, comments: “All the Elements products were bespoke to this project and generated by Abacus using DaleSauna CAD drawings. This was a collaborative process and we looked to the expertise of the Abacus team to guide us. Their patience and expertise were particularly valuable in achieving the necessary surfaces for the finishes we wished to apply.”

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