kb-network    News 04 May 2017

The 2017 Scottish Home Improvement Awards reveal a few of their top nominations…

The 3rd Annual Scottish Home Improvements Awards has opened its voting system and allowed thousands of nominations to come flooding its way!

Created to reward the very best companies within the Home Improvement industry, the awards’ sees nominations from thousands of companies across Scotland, all making their case to be the best in their chosen category.

Voting closes on Monday 8th May; however, in the lead up to the announcement of the final shortlist on Tuesday, the awards team has revealed a few companies which are currently receiving a high amount of votes.

Silver Birch Interiors, in particular, seems to have secured its place within the top twenty shortlist of ‘Scotland’s Best Kitchen’ – but it is yet to be seen whether they will reach the final top ten!

Another company seeing the votes flooding in is John Mutch Building Services; although, with customer reviews stating “My wife was completely at ease having all the team working together and taking the time to explain the procedures of the work” it seems hardly surprising that they are receiving such support.

The official Gala Final will take place on 16 June 2017 and is expected to see the best of  Scotland’s interior services providers come together in celebration of their collective achievements.

2017 Scottish Home Improvement Awards | homeimprovementawards.co.uk