kb-network    News 15 Nov 2016

2016 British Design & Manufacturing Award goes to Jonathan Reynolds of Rencraft

The winner of the 2016 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award’s category for British Design & Manufacturing is Jonathan Reynolds of Rencraft.

A crucial aspect of planning this kitchen was the AGA, which needed to remain where it was. However, being a bright shade of red, it wasn’t in keeping with the look the client wanted to achieve. Luckily it was possible to change the fascia of the AGA without undertaking any costly repairs or replacements. It was then a case of using the revamped AGA as a focal point and making sure the rest of the design worked around it. With this in mind, we aligned the island and the pendant lighting with the AGA and then installed traditional cabinetry around it.

The other finalists in this category were: Andrew Hall of Woodstock Furniture and Jasper Middleton of Middleton Bespoke.