Designer    News 01 Dec 2014

2014 Ultimate Luxury Kitchen Design of the Year Winners: Melissa Robinson & Matthew Wood

Winner: Melissa Robinson & Matthew Wood, MW Architects

One of the main focuses of the internal re-arrangement of this major extension of a Victorian house was the creation of a master suite at first floor including bedroom, dressing area, study and master bathroom. In the master bathroom, the clients were keen to achieve a very practical space, with individual WC and vanity, and a shared shower and occasional use bath.

The final layout creates separate ‘his and hers’ areas connected with a 2.5 metre long walk-through shower. This connection allows the natural light from the rear elevation deep into the shower and secondary bathroom, which is more central to the plan and forms a very functional part shared-part private bathroom space.

The principal sink has a dramatic bookmatched Lilac Milas marble backdrop with vanity shelf and surface mounted sink. It is the main focal point and the other materials in the bathrooms were very carefully considered to complement this.

The shower is a single piece composite stone shower tray and has contrasting tiled walls in crackle glaze brick set tiles with a lowered ceiling to incorporate a simple light shelf. In greys and whites, this space is kept deliberately simple to contrast with the marble. The striking pebble bath floats harmoniously in the space with a simple floor mounted tap and completes the principal half of the bathroom.



Babette Bowen, Project One

Max Spenser-Morris, Design Republic