Designer    News 01 Dec 2014

2014 Design Classic Award Winner: Istanbul by VitrA wins with Turkish inspired design

Winner: Istanbul by VitrA

Created to pay tribute to some of the landmark designs that have had a big impact when they were first launched – and which have influenced kitchen or bathroom design thinking ever since – the Design Classic Award has quickly become a major accolade for the industry’s manufacturers.

This year’s Design Classic has certainly had an impact, creating a style that challenged the status quo both in terms of the aesthetic and the manufacturing process for bathroom sanitary ware and accessories.

The design was inspired by the Turkish city that was home to the manufacturer’s headquarters and which, for centuries has been a melting pot of cultures, traditions and ideas.

Before working on the project, designer Ross Lovegrove spent time in this city, immersing himself in the Turkish ceramic culture, drawing inspiration from the unique ethnicity and architecture that can be found there. He combined that with his own interpretation of water and organic form to create a collection that trod new ground. Right from launch, this complete range included more than 120 products including bathtubs, basins, tiles and accessories – including an iconic floor standing washbasin made from a single piece of ceramic. It has been added to since, with new variants of some of these striking ceramic pieces.

Lovegrove said: “I have won many awards but this one for my Istanbul range, regarded now as a Design Classic, reflects what happens when a creative mind responds to the provenance of a great historical culture and the artistic wealth of a remarkable city.”