Utopia     Loves Items 30 May 2017

Textured surfaces and shimmering silver hues make this family-friendly space superbly sophisticated

The Birches had the entire ground floor of their home reconfigured, to create a large open-plan space that would enable them to spend more time together as a family, while also creating a suitable setting for entertaining. Consequently, the look chosen was elegant and streamlined, but also highly practical, to look good at all times despite the rigours of family life.

Some aesthetic problem-solving had to be performed when it came to the kitchen’s centrepiece. “We wanted the island to be big, but that risked having
an unsightly joint between two worktops,” explains designer Diane Berry. “So instead we chose to turn the join into a design feature, changing both the colour and thickness of the material.”

A combination of Alnostar Cera, used
for the island, and Alnostar Dur, used
for the tall wall units, gives an elegant, minimalist air. The scratch-proof ceramic finish of the former is particularly suited to the working area of the kitchen.


Thoughts from the homeowner …

“It’s classy and looks great, but it
is also a practical working kitchen that is easy to use. We all spend more time together, even though we may be doing different things. It’s a far more sociable space now.”

Mrs Birch, homeowner


Expert advice …

“With an open-plan space it’s important to be able to play down the practical elements of the kitchen, so at night you can set your mood lighting and just relax. We’ve achieved this here by concealing everything behind doors, even the small appliances.”

Diane Berry, Diane Berry Kitchens

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