Utopia     Loves Items 28 Feb 2017

Snow White: Nothing says luxury like the Ceralsio Collection in Calacatta Marron by CRL Stone

The Ceralsio colleciton, by CRL Stone, is crafted from pristine porcelain. The material is a practical selection, due to its water, scratch, heat, UV light and stain resistant qualities.

These particular assets, alongside its minimal maintenance requirements, ensure the material is highly durable and long-lasting – making it a perfect selection for use within the kitchen as a worktop or casual dining zone.

The Calacatta Marron option (pictured) perfectly replicated the aesthetic of real marble, through its gold-browning veining and delicate pale hue. The surface features a highly polished finish, which cleverly enhances its natural beauty.


From £350 per square metre.

Ceralsio / ceralsio.co.uk

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine