Utopia     Loves Items 11 Apr 2018

Here’s why we think mellow yellows and graceful greens make the ultimate pastel schemes!

When we think pastel colours, so many of us are guilty of instantly visualising a kitchen brimming with traditional in-frame furniture, an abundance of pretty pinks and bashful blues, and finished off with a string of floral bunting. And while this is a style classic (and one we’re undeniably fond of) there are a myriad of ways to incorporate pastel shades into a contemporary scheme, too.

This week we’re loving the stunning selection of yellow and green schemes we’ve seen. Though more stereotypically feminine pastel shades can work well, by selecting a mellow yellow or graceful nature-inspired green, your kitchen can go from kitsch to contemporary in an instant!

Featured: The Uni Matt kitchen by Schuller and available from InHouse Ltd is shown in a stunning combination of crystal grey, mint and lemon hues.




Our favourite schemes

Rational’s Chalet kitchen combines everything we love about subtle green schemes; the cabinetry’s almost placid tone cleverly contrasts against the dark flooring and mottled worktops. While the patterned, patchwork-arranged wall tiles add texture to the scheme, and thoughtful finishes, such as the leather pull handles, again add another dimension of texture and colour and finish the kitchen off perfectly.

Rational / rational.de/en