Utopia     Loves Items 26 May 2017

Elica adds a dash of glamour into contemporary kitchens with this dreamily dazzling extractor hood

Elica’s Interstellar extractor is a ceiling-mounted suspended hood, that elegantly hangs down to appear more akin to a chandelier than a functional extractor. The hood would make the perfect partner to a central kitchen island, by acting as a dazzling visual focal point.

The remarkable design was developed from the iconic shapes of Elica’s Star and Celestial designs. Interstellar mixes mirrored polished steel with more than 1,000 individual pieces of glass, to craft this regal piece. The use of glass makes it full of colour – the angles of cut glass will reflect and refract light in a shimmering and rainbow-like effect, creating a one of a kind atmosphere. Integrated LED lighting provides direct task lighting for the hob and island, and providing ambient light for the remainder of the kitchen.

Interstellar is available with either clear or black glass.

Elica | elica.co.uk
Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine