Utopia     Loves Items 10 Jan 2018

This dramatically decadent bathroom is inspired by the elegance of bygone eras

This Oasis bathroom isn’t just a place to wash and unwind, it’s a place to make yourself look like a star, pamper yourself, relax and get ready to take on the world.

This decadent bathroom seems to go on forever, with seating areas and coffee tables to enjoy a hot drink before
you shower, or even sit and read a book while you wait for your bath to run. Featuring Rivière bathroom furniture, recently added to the Oasis Luxury Bathroom Collection. Rivière is inspired by the elegance of a bygone era, and those sumptuous holiday locations that have become symbols of luxury and charm in the collective consciousness.

The fronts and sides of the vanity unit shown here are available in 38 shades of lacquer and the mirror is available in a bronze version or in decorative glass, allowing the collection to convey different moods, from contemporary to more classical in style. The handles and feet, in either chrome or gold, define and reinforce the overall look. The basin console can incorporate either a countertop basin or an integrated model depending on the finish of the top, which can be in various marble types or coloured glossy glass. The tops feature subtle forms with a neoclassical allure and the front edges are bevelled to give movement to the rigorous geometries.

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