Utopia     Loves Items 12 Apr 2017

C.P. Hart releases the ultimate solution to spa sanctuary in the home: Effegibi’s BodyLove

Wellness has been an integral focus in bathroom design and trends in recent years, and our well exfoliated skin, steamed pores and relaxed backs, fresh from a hydrotherapy massage, certainly give merit as to why. In light of this, bathroom brand, C.P. Hart have released the latest innovation from Italian designers, Effegibi.

The BodyLove modular spa is the perfect addition to any contemporary home. The collection gives the homeowners the ability to customise their own home spa – complete with the finest of features and all the latest technology.

The system allows for a sauna, Turkish bath, shower and calming zone, while the adaptable modular creation uses Canadian hemlock wood, grès porcelain and fluted glass, to house all of this luxurious technology in a strikingly contemporary box-shape aesthetic.

C.P. Hart | cphart.co.uk