Utopia     Loves Items 07 Jul 2017

Busy patterned flooring, contemporary shapes and monochromatic colours – we just love this Nolte Kitchens scheme!

For those who are fond of the contrast of monochrome but are concerned that the effect may appear somewhat stark, the introduction of warmer, natural materials such as wood, metal and stone will add interest.

This Nolte Kuchen kitchen features doors from their Windsor Lack range shown here in black soft matt with matching details, from plinths through to visible sides and cornices. Black gives the traditional door design a modern twist and is ideal for vibrant colour combinations, as displayed with the bright yellow of the table which is further highlighted by its unusual shape. Price on request.

Top tip!

To achieve a luxurious and understated feel, a combination of a range of textures in the same colour can add detail without taking anything from the simplicity of monochrome.


What do the designer’s think? ….

“Timeless and yet eternally relevant; subtle though bold, the monochrome colourway offers contrast in every sense. With
its roots firmly in Scandinavia, the clean aesthetic simplicity of monochrome has long-since been a staple of modernism and has been re-vitalised here in.” Pia Rosling, Design Director, Sola Kitchens Ltd

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