Utopia     Loves Items 25 Jul 2017

Bring nature into your kitchen with this incredible dark and textural Lundhs Emerald stone

One of the world’s most popular natural stones for kitchen worktops is this Lundhs Emerald. The darkest in the Lundhs Real Stone collection, Lundhs Emerald is a beautifully classic surface choice for the kitchen and is the visual embodiment of how natural light and materials can combine to produce an exquisite visual masterpiece. Bringing both character and elegance to a space, the blend of the glistening blue feldspar crystals and the intense hue of the stone will sit just as perfectly in a stripped-back modern setting as a more traditional scheme. Crafted by nature 300 million years ago and quarried on the southern coast of Norway, Lundhs Real Stone worktops really are bringing a piece of the outside in. From £680 per square metre.

Lundhs | lundhsrealstone.com/uk