Utopia     Loves Items 23 Mar 2018

2018 Spring colour trends are all about these subtle green accents, says Higham Furniture


Spring is here and green schemes are germinating across interiors. But why? Green is a balancing colour, in the middle of the visible spectrum between the infrared and the ultraviolet, but there’s more to this than meets the eye…

According to yogic wisdom, there are seven chakras represented by seven colours. The cooler three colours – violet, indigo, and blue – are calming in effect. The warmer three – yellow, orange, and red – have a stimulating effect. Too cool and your kitchen will have a flat ambience; too warm and your kitchen will seem volatile. Green is the balance between these two; a moderator which harmonises the home between high and low energies – stabilising the atmosphere to the conditions optimal for life. Adding touches of this balancing hue brings about a sense of sophisticated sanctuary in your kitchen, as demonstrated by Higham’s latest design, which sings the essence of Spring.

Higham’s latest kitchen (featured) pays homage to the current season. Including pendant lighting with deep aqua glass shades that radiate a green glow, and a subtler grey-green tile which incorporates the balancing hue in a more relaxed and understated way, this kitchen is a prime example of how to elegantly incorporate and coordinate the shades of Spring this year.

Higham Furniture | higham.co.uk