kb-network    Launch 19 Dec 2017

Wren Kitchens has built virtual reality rooms so that customers can ‘try before they buy’

A time-old issue designers come across is the inability of clients to fully visualise their new design; to remedy this, Wren Kitchens has developed innovative new technology that allows the customer to walk around a CAD version of their new kitchen scheme and even interact with it by open drawers and appliances. Customers can choose the layout, colours, units and drawers in their virtual scheme, to ensure they are fully confident in the kitchen they are buying.

 Conor Laville, SVP Planner Development, said: “It is essential that our customers are completely happy with their design choices, colours and layouts. Our Wren-built planning software combined with virtual reality technology, has made it possible to transport our customers into their designs, adding to Wren’s best in class shopping experience.

We have built unique Virtual Reality rooms where the customer can view their design in private with their friends and family and they can see what’s happening inside the headset, on a large display. These rooms have been built in our Farnborough, Lakeside, Maidstone and Bristol Cribbs Causeway showrooms. We will be adding this great new feature into our Luton, Tunbridge Wells, Doncaster and Brighton showrooms when they open in early 2018.”

Watch a video showcasing Wren Kitchens VR here: https://youtu.be/Dr6erKubrfo

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