Utopia    Launch 28 Jul 2017

Wish upon a star – the magical Trove collection from New Ravenna encapsulates the night’s sky

The new Trove collection, designed by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna, presents a menagerie of breathtaking designs, inspired by the mysticism of the night’s sky.

Each mosaic is carefully handcrafted by specially trained artisans in Virginia and uses a combination of lustrous brass and aluminium. The designs – each unique in nature – encapsulate the layers of colours, patterns, shapes and enchanting illusions of texture that fill the sky at night. Sarah’s striking take on the theme uses a selection of metallic colours set against matt backgrounds to create a textural juxtaposition that encourages the intricate details truly stand out and shine.

A selection of grey-blue marbles, including Bardiglio and Pacifica, are used in the Michael (featured) and Simone designs – alluding to a moody, turbulent sky – while other patterns such as Astronomy and Orion present a pitch black Nero Marquina base, which is sprinkled with luminescent stars.

Sarah Baldwin, Founder and Creative Director of New Ravenna, told us about the inspiration behind her latest designs. “Growing up on a farm,” she began, “our nightly activities often included stargazing. I became appreciative of the patterns and textures since I always had an expanse of the uninterrupted night sky to fuel my imagination. When I was conceptualizing Trove, I wanted to recreate the impression of a matte surface juxtaposed with glimmer. We used metallics to impart both texture and the subtle hint of wavering light you experience when gazing at the night sky. The result is a treasure trove of celestial mosaics.”

The collection can be applied in a myriad of different ways to make a truly magical statement surface. Clad the walls in Trove’s sparkling Astronomy design; make a striking splashback with the monochromatic Orion tiles or go truly adventures – take the “second star to the right and then straight on ‘til”… flooring!

New Ravenna | newravenna.com