kb-network    Launch 14 Sep 2017

Order processing made easy – Wirquin launch new online selector

Wirquin has launched a new selector on its website to help consumers choose a new toilet seat from the Modufix range. The new online selector takes the user through three simple steps, to choose material, seat and hinge options and then places the relevant product codes for order in a basket. It’s a simple three click process and really quick to use.

Speaking of the new online selector Alaina Turner, Marcomms Manager, Wirquin said, “The new selector tool is proving very popular to simplify the ordering process.  It takes the user through three multiple choice screens offering the benefits of each choice. There’s a choice of seat material, toilet seat style and hinge options and at the end, the user is given the product codes to order for their choices and it’s all in 3 clicks.”

Wirquin | wirquin.co.uk