kb-network    Launch 06 Jun 2017

Whirlpool launches Europe’s first ‘talking’ IFTTT connected domestic appliances

Whirlpool has become one of the first appliance manufacturers in Europe to launch appliances that can ‘talk’ to other apps and connected products.

The new IFTTT (If this, then, that) compatible products work by linking specific functions on connected devices; this means that a specific condition or event occurring on one device can consequently trigger an action on another device. For example, if a person is approaching home, then a connected lighting system would turn the lights on.

In reaction to this technology wave, Whirlpool has launched three new appliance channels which use IFTTT technology.

With the addition of IFTTT technology, Whirlpool has stated its users “Will be able to simply and flexibly define ways to link their appliances to any of the hundreds of connected devices and services available on IFTTT by creating their own scenarios or ‘Recipes’ as they are described by IFTTT.”

Marco Signa (pictured), connectivity strategy senior manager at Whirlpool, added “Imagine setting your Whirlpool fridge to a low energy vacation mode, and having it automatically tell your thermostat to turn down the heating. Or imagine that your home’s solar energy system tells your washing machine to start a cycle when it is collecting enough power on a sunny day.

“When you start to link together different services and products, the combinations are limitless and encompass everything from essential ways to automate daily chores to relatively small things that make the connected home feel more personal, fun and responsive.”

Whirlpool | whirlpool.co.uk