kb-network    Launch 09 Aug 2017

The Whirlpool Grand Side by Side freestanding fridge freezer pair, making modern everyday life easier

Whirlpool has introduced a new freestanding fridge and freezer pair, the Grand Side by Side, which brings a new dimension to space in the kitchen.

The pair offers a new and elegant aesthetic, both inside and out, to emanate a premium aura. The newly designed, iconic, integrated handles are sleek and contemporary, while the new metallic finish on each refrigerator shelf edge, door balconies and the freezer drawers reflect the high-quality finish.

The new refrigerator boasts a generous net capacity of 363 litres. It is fully equipped with intuitive, Whirlpool 6TH SENSE®Fresh Control technology, which automatically monitors the temperature and humidity, creating the ideal conditions for storing food, allowing fresh food to be preserved for up to four times longer.  The fridge also has a dedicated Activ0° compartment, which may be optionally used for the preservation of fresh meat, fish and other items at a lower temperature.


The new freezer has a generous net capacity of 252 litres. Seven transparent and fully retractable drawers, which are positioned on a flexible rail and roller system, make for easy access and convenient storage. The freezer offers supreme freezing performance with the added convenience of a ShockFreeze compartment, which will freeze up to two kilogrammes of food in just four hours.  Further, intuitive Whirlpool 6TH SENSE® Freeze Control technology reduces freezer burn, preserving the quality and colour of your frozen foods for much longer, by minimising temperature fluctuations by up to 50 per cent.


Catherine Balderson, Brand Manager, Whirlpool, says: “It is so important for us to deliver appliances that not only keep food preserved for longer, thereby reducing food waste, but incorporate advanced and intuitive technology to work with modern lifestyles. This is a versatile solution for those who want extraordinary capacity, and the convenience of less frequent shopping trips, with a contemporary, premium aesthetic.”

Whirlpool | whirlpool.co.uk