Designer    Launch 16 Nov 2017

Waterworks expands its iconic bathroom collections with over 140 new luxury products

Renowned furniture and brassware designer, Waterworks, has announced the expansion of its iconic collections with over 140 new products.

The company’s newest additions include two new fittings collections, a new bath tub design and an expanded assortment of vanities, fixtures, accessories and furnishings. All new additions are inspired by the early vintage and industrial aesthetics, that, when blended, craft something that is both stylistically edgy, yet ultimately luxurious.

Playing on the design of industrial boiler systems of the early 20th century, the Regulator collection features over 50 components, ranging from taps to wall-mounted accessories, showerheads, bath fillers and thermostatic shower systems. Each Regulator product is available in a suave selection of nickel, chrome, un-lacquered brass and the company’s special blackened-grey Shadow finish. While contrasting against its industrial counterparts, the new Nilo bath balances 1940’s glamour with a simple, pared-down finish.

“The essence of this collection is the idea of innovation,” said Peter Sallick, CEO and Creative Director of Waterworks. “Since our founding in 1978, we’ve reinterpreted historical and unusual things through our distinctive, classical lens. With our two new bath fittings families – Dash and Regulator – we’ve built on that tradition of iconic design. Each piece draws on pure mechanical elements from the past, edited into something more polished, more sophisticated and ideal for today’s needs.”

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