Utopia    Launch 09 Jun 2017

These vibrant vintage designs from Ca’Pietra will transform your floors into a statement feature

The new Spitalfields tile collection from Ca’Pietra encases an eclectic mix of vibrant colours and in-your-face busy patterns. The range is comprised of six distinctive styles, each in a large 45cm x 45cm format. The large size will allow for easy installation, while the pre-scored lines within each tile can be grouted to dissect the large body – crafting a clever illusion – to give the appearance of much smaller authentic tiles. Retro Star, the first of Spitalfields six designs, features a scattering of prominent charcoal stars and distressed edges that give the tiles that sought-after vintage effect.

For lovers of colour, the collection’s Nijar and Vintage Field designs will make a definite visual impact. Our definite favourite from this range has to be the Toynbee tiles (as featured); these vibrant, ornate tiles will work well in a neutral kitchen, paired with subtle touches of the mustard yellow and teal colours interspersed into the accessories or lighting.

Ca’Pietra | capietra.com