Designer    Launch 29 Aug 2017

V-Zug seals the deal for homeowners, with new technological features for its Vacuisine vacuum drawers

Appliance manufacturer, V-Zug, has increased the functionality and versatility of its well-known Vacuisine vacuum drawer range with brand new technological features, including a ground-breaking ‘Dry Storage’ facility.

Vacuum seal drawers present a practical and advanced storage solution, that is becoming increasingly popular with discerning homeowners and those with a penchant for the ‘chefy’ approach. V-Zug’s latest addition to its vacuum storage range, the ‘Dry Storage’ feature is designed to enhance the capabilities of its current Vacuisine model, allowing it to accommodate dry provisions like rice, pasta, cereal, bread, herbs, dried fruit and other non-wet foodstuffs.

Ensuring food is not adversely affected by ambient air of humidity, the Dry Storage technology actually works to preserve food flavour, moisture, texture and nutrients. This versatile storage solution can be used for a wide variety of foods, from the newly introduced options for rice and herbs to homemade soups, vegetables and moisture rich meats, and makes freezing meal-sized portions easy.

The Vacuisine drawer boasts a built-in configuration and a sleek, handleless aesthetic, with mirror glass or chrome fascia. The simple yet sophisticated design can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen and makes a neat combination when placed directly under the oven.

Rhys Evans, Sales Director of UK & Ireland for V-Zug, commented: “The ‘Dry Storage’ feature is yet another pioneering innovation by V-ZUG that will have tangible benefits for homeowners. Vacuum-packing is a new concept for the kitchen and I’m certain it will become extremely popular with UK consumers.”

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