Designer    Launch 26 Jul 2017

V-ZUG puts technology to a side with its latest kitchen appliance launch

V-ZUG, the leading Swiss appliance manufacturer, has developed a range of innovative extraction systems for the contemporary kitchen. The company’s newly released Side Extractor collection will be available from UK retailers as of the 1st August this year.

The Side Extractor model is designed to sit flush fit against the surface of the hob and, beyond simply extracting unwanted cooking fumes and odours, the Side Extractor works to extract, purify and refresh the air of an entire kitchen – providing an economical recycling system – ideal for open-plan kitchens which are used for dining an entertaining, also.

By fitting the extractor snugly within the hob, its direct proximity allows the powerful suction system to extract cooking smells and steam quickly and effectively. The extractor pulls the steam down into the hood chamber and prevents it from distributing around the room. Though this powerful system does require a myriad of partnering ventilation technology, V-ZUG have cleverly designed a small floor unit, that conceals the technology and does not eat up any valuable storage space. In addition, a fitted collection tray will guarantee zero spillages throughout its use and makes for easy cleaning of the whole system.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the Side Extractor range can be used in co-ordination with a selection of the company’s state-of-the-art induction hobs. The extractors can be fitted in a central installation, or in a duo double-ended compilation, or even in a tripartite system, where the side draught divides the hob, wok and teppan yaki – offering ultimate flexibility to suit each homeowner’s space and style.