kb-network    Launch 10 Apr 2017

V-ZUG introduces the ‘Food for the Soul’ concept, featuring new Oshibori technology!

Innovators in the design of high-quality steam appliances, V-ZUG have introduced their new ‘Food for the Soul’ concept with the latest Oshibori technology.

The new Oshibori setting, in partnership with V-ZUG’s branded towels, will allow you to heat up hand towels so both you and your guests can enjoy a refreshing skin cleanser either at the end of a meal, or between courses.

Additionally, the new setting also enables the user to prepare hot stones and heating pads ready for a beautifully relaxing massage experience.

Speaking on behalf of V-ZUG, sales director for the UK and Ireland, Rhys Evans remarked “With our new Oshibori setting, we can provide even more indulgence through our high-performance, life altering, combi-steam appliances that ultimately benefit the end user and guests!”


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