kb-network    Launch 15 Aug 2017

V-Zug are expanding consumer options with the launch of its new OptiGlass hob collection

Swiss appliance manufacturer V-Zug isn’t slowing down when it comes to innovation – following the recent launch of its latest 2017/18 brochure, the company have just announced the launch of a new induction hob collection.

The OptiGlass range aims to tackle the present difficulties that induction hobs pose for the user. Typically one of the most used appliances within a household, the kitchen hob is operated the majority of days in its lifetime and hence needs a practical and durable format that can tackle day-to-day use. However, with glass-top induction hobs, homeowners often find that when the appliance is dirty wiping away messes with a sponge or cloth can leave accidental marks and scratches that over time mar the façade of the hob.

In the aim of longevity, while keeping style forefront, V-Zug has crafted the OptiGlass glass ceramic collection all of which feature an extremely hard SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur coating that ensures each appliance is extremely robust and helps prevents damage from routine use.

V-Zug claim the new hobs boast a strength that nears the world’s strongest mineral: diamond, making the façade almost impossible to scratch. Balancing form and function, the OptiGlass hob’s mirrored finish gives the product a luxurious aesthetic, to reflect it diamond-strong quality.

Now suited to food preparation too, the hob is no longer just for cooking…

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