kb-network    Launch 10 Apr 2017

Urban Interior launches the new and innovative SieMatic ‘OnWall-System’ storage solution

Urban Interior have added the latest storage solution from SieMatic to their vast collection of products.

Designed to work alongside SieMatic’s innovative interior storage system (MultiMatic), the OnWall-System aims to organise a consumers visible kitchen accessories and make use of the redundant wall space above your kitchen countertop.

The innovative rail system, for example, supports hanging kitchen utensils for easy access and can include a cutlery block holder, spice and oil shelf, onion basket and message board.

Presenting a number of practical and unique storage accessories, ‘OnWall’ is made from stainless steel and can be available in a variety of lengths up to 3 metres.

Additionally, the OnWall-System also includes a bespoke railing profile and lighting track, which can be finished in all of SieMatic’s laminate colour options and wood finishes.

Urban Interior | urbaninterior.co.uk